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Ordering online   

Thank you for visiting today. 

If you are new to our online ordering system and would like to know more about the benefits of ordering online,  or to request “User Name” and “Password”,  please call 01342 811448 or e-mail your request to enquires@mpserv.co.uk.

If you are an existing customer please login now with your personalised login details.

Online ordering benefits
  • An easy to use orderpad of frequently ordered items with contract prices reduces the time taken to order your office supplies.
  • Email confirmation of each order, reassures you that your order has been received and will be delivered on time.
  • Existing orders can be saved, then placed, anytime of the day.
  • Repeat order facility to save valuable time.
  • Your order history is saved and is readily available to you at all times. Regardless of how it was placed !
  • Account Management reports to help your business stay in control of budgets.
  • Realtime pricing to save you time, and know exactly what you are spending.
If you have any questions with regards to our online system, please call a member of our team on 01342 811448 or email enquiries@mpserv.co.uk.